Breathing Life Anew

There are hundreds of people in the Northwest who are in need of lung transplantation. Unfortunately many of them do not have the financial, social, and emotional resources to make it through the process. 

At NorthWest Lung we welcome the opportunity to reach out to these individuals, and their families to assist them during their time of need

Our Mission

Creating housing solutions for residents of the Northwest needing 
lung transplantation performed at the University of Washington
Regional Lung Transplant Center located in Seattle, Washington.

Why Patients Need Our Help

NorthWest Lung, Inc. provides low cost and free housing near the University of Washington Medical Center for pre/post lung transplant patients who are required to relocate to Seattle as a pre condition of being placed on the transplant list.

The U.W.M.C. transplant team requires that the patient be able to reach the hospital within 3 hours from the time they are notified of a donor. The hospital's coverage is Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Therefore, if a patient doesn't live in the Seattle metro area they must relocate.

For many, this burden is too great and could keep them from from the opportunity of getting a life saving transplant. Our mission is to not let that happen.

Why We Need Your Help

Did you know...

17 people die each day waiting for a life saving organ transplant

*More than 1200 people within the Northwest are on the organ transplant list.


*This information provided by LifeCenter Northwest, the organ and tissue program that serves Washington, Montana, Alaska and northern Idaho.  More info can be found at www.lcnw.org.

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